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  Dog Walking Services


15 minute- Quick Visit         $15.00*

30 minute visit                     $20.00*


*$5.00 fee added for each additional Dog  


Proper exercise is extremely important to a healthy dog both physically and mentally. Each visit is pet specific.

Pet Sitting Services

 Per Day   $40.00*

Pet Sitting visits include

two 15min. and one 30 min. visit per day.

Regular visit includes morning and evening feeding, playtime and a walk each day. Our Pet Sitting service is for vacations or extended periods of time away from home.  This service can also be customized to fit you and your pets more specific needs.

Home services included at time of service. Watering indoor plants and flowers

Bringing in newspapers/mail/Packages Turning indoor/outdoor lights on and off


*Rates may vary by number of pets per household.


Cat Sitting Service

15 minute visit $12.00*


Each visit includes, feeding, litter box cleaning/changing and playtime or petting. This service can be customized to fit your CATS schedule.   

*$5.00 fee added for each additional Cat

Little Critter Sitting

Since these services can vary greatly please contact The Strolling Pooch with the small pet service your looking for. We will work out a customized schedule and services plan to meet your needs.